The Two Dyspraxics (formerly KeDA)

Matthew Munson and Barbara Neill are The Two Dyspraxics

Major changes

It was three years ago when Barbara Neill and Frances Beaumont first decided that a support group for adults who have dyspraxia was much needed, and KeDA was the result. As a group, we have all undergone major changes and KeDA, as we know it, no longer exists. However, it has evolved into The Two Dyspraxics, and is now fronted by Barbara Neill and Matthew Munson, who both have dyspraxia, themselves. The website is in the process of evolving, too, so please bear with us while it's being done.

At the moment, support for people who have dyspraxia is offered in the form of a facebook group, "The Two Dyspraxics" ,which is populated by a warm, friendly bunch of people who know how it feels to be dyspraxic. Matthew and Barbara record video blogs (or vlogs), in which some of the issues relating to dyspraxia are discussed. There's usually much hilarity involved and evidence of this can been on our 'videos' page.

Eventually, The Two Dyspraxics will be structured more formally but, rest assured, we have no intention of losing our friendly, informal touch. Please come and find us on facebook. We'd love to see you there.

Recent Videos

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