The Two Dyspraxics (formerly KeDA)

Matthew Munson and Barbara Neill are The Two Dyspraxics

Who are we?

Matthew Munson and Barbara Neill are the Two Dyspraxics.

Matthew is a published author and Barbara is a professional hypnotherapist and both have dyspraxia, themselves.

Matthew Munson


Matthew hasn't written his biography yet. If too much time goes by before he writes one, Barbara will write one for him. That should encourage him to pull his finger out! ;-) 

Update: I knew that would work! Here is Matthew's bio:

After some gentle prodding from his partner-in-crime, Matthew has finally finished his biography (thanks Barbara!)

Matthew is a writer who lives in Kent in a little town you've probably never heard of!

He was born with dyspraxia, but didn't hear about the condition until he was 15; it was a passing comment from a teacher that first alerted him to dyspraxia, but it was another 15 years before he was officially diagnosed - and finally accepted that it was a condition that he didn't need to be embarrassed about. He sees that dyspraxia is a part of his life; not the whole of it.

He blogs about life, the universe, dyspraxia and everything at his own blog and at The Two Dyspraxics' blog, and he and Barbara are working on being positive advocates for dyspraxia and people with the condition.

Matthew is a fiction writer and, in his spare time, is an avid reader, is practising for his second walking marathon and is a cycling fan!

Barbara Neill

Barbara is a professional hypnotherapisrt*, specialising in helping people who have dyspraxia, (and following in her father, Bob Neill's footsteps). Her eldest son has dyspraxia and it was during the course of his assessment, that Barbara discovered she, too, was dyspraxic. It was something of a 'eureka' moment for her and many of the difficulties and problems she had experienced over the years, suddenly had an explanation.

It has been widely reported that relaxation can help people who have dyspraxia; (in fact, relaxation can benefit everyone, including those who have dyspraxia), but Barbara decided to take this a stage further and develop hypnotherapy sessions to help alleviate some of the difficulties that are experienced on a daily basis by people who are living with dyspraxia.

"We, dyspraxics, have to put in so much extra effort just to manage ordinary everyday tasks and that can be very tiring so, while I can accept that some 'strategies' may be helpful to some people, it does involve even more effort. However, with hypnotherapy, all you have to do is relax, think positive and life-enhancing changes can happen straight away! It's perfect for dyspraxics!"

Barbara has three sons and lives in the South East of England. In addition to hypnotherapy, she is qualified in Indian Head Massage, Reki and Energy Healing, as well as Anatomy and Physiology. She also holds a teaching certificate and runs Dyspraxia Awareness Training courses for teachers, parents, employers, hypnotherapists and others. (See 'What do we do?')

Barbara's hobbies include photography, creative writing, genealogy and listening to music. 

* Matthew pointed out that Barbara mis-spelled 'hypnotherapist', (thank you, Matthew), but it was, in fact, a typo! (We're both a bit pedantic when it comes to such things). ;-)